Introducing the faces behind the brand
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Tapp’d Cocktails Core Values.

We offer an Exceptional customer experience (ECE). We support a partnering ETHOS and are supply chain conscious. We are a considerate employer with a proactive can do attitude. We use sustainable ingredients from local suppliers and seek to work with companies who align to our core values.

Who are we?

We are the fastest growing RTD (Ready To Drink) manufacturer in the UK.

We are a socially responsible and youthful engaging brand who seek to educate and assist our industry and community.

We believe we are easy and a pleasure to work with.

We are charitable and support local worthy causes.

What do we aspire to be?

The largest RTD manufacturer in the UK by 2025.

To offer a range of drinks which is available across the entire UK.

To offer the largest and most diverse range of drinks in our industry which continues to evolve and expand.

To be an Ambassador to our industry.

To seek and implement innovation and groundbreaking solutions.

To become the largest RTD brand in the World by 2030.

Meet The Board Tappd Cocktails

Les Wiseman

Head of Operations
Meet The Board Tappd Cocktails

Paige Appleby

Head of Marketing
Meet The Board Tappd Cocktails

Ben Norton

Financial Director & Co-Founder

Ben is a successful entrepreneur with over 25 years ownership experience in hospitality, transport and shared space businesses.

He has board level experience in a wide variety of industries. He has worked across the public and private sector and is currently a director of several companies with combined sales of £20M.

Meet The Board Tappd Cocktails

Tony Plato

Managing Director & Co-Founder

With over 20 years of operational experience as Director & CEO.

Tony has a wealth of experience, expertise and knowledge in finance and business management. He has operated in his career at the highest level of corporate responsibility working at board level in companies with T/O’s in excess of £100m.

Meet The Board Tappd Cocktails

Ria Grassick

Head of Compliance
Meet The Board Tappd Cocktails

Steve Sexton

Head of Sales
Meet The Board Tappd Cocktails

Tapp'd Charitable Trust

To mark our 4th year of trading we are delighted and honoured to be launching the Tappd Charitable Trust from Feb 1st 2023.

Working in partnership with our local
MP Anna Firth the Tappd Charitable Trust has been formed to assist charitable causes in our community.

We look forward to working with Anna to support a mixture of charities close to our hearts and most importantly Little Havens Hospice which offers overnight respite breaks, emergency stays and support at the end of a child’s life.

Tony Plato our Managing Director and the entire Tapp’d family are honoured and deeply obliged to do what ever we can to support these worthy and incredibly important charities that touch our hearts.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone of our customers who have supported us on our business journey to date.”

This support allows us to undertake this act of human kindness which now forms a hugely important part of our internal DNA.

Meet The Board Tappd Cocktails

Drink Aware Campaign

We are delighted to announce that our range of drinks are now available at Cambridge University.
This is our first launch into the Higher Education sector and, in tandem with the supply of our cocktails, we are pleased to initiate our drink awareness campaign.
Our Managing Director Tony Plato says “This important initiative is not only part of our social and corporate responsibility, but also something very close to my heart. To that end, I am delighted to be chairing an evening of learning and discussion in every university our drinks are served in. I am honoured and humbled to be working with keynote speakers from our industry, alcohol abuse experts, government health advisors and a few celebrities who will speak openly and honestly about their relationship with alcohol.” 
We look forward to providing their students independent alcohol advice, information and knowledge to help us all make better choices about our drinking habits. – For the facts


Meet The Board Tappd Cocktails

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